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Monday, October 11, 2010

My Stocks for Today - 11/10/2010

       What a way to start the trading week... My eyes ache when I saw the color of my portfolio today! hahaha! All are red except for MPI and PX. I thought I was able to buy ALI at a bargain price of 17.94 but it went further down to 17.44. Sigh.... Anyway, I'm now a shareholder of Ayala Land!!!! My other stocks which were in red just went down a little. This is just part of a healthy correction and no need for us, investors, to panic. When the AEP of my stocks becomes higher than their current price, it is a good time to buy for more and lower down their average price! Although my attempt to lower down the AEP of my VLL was not successful because my super barat bid of 3.20 was not hit. It's really a super duper barat...
       As I continue to invest and trade in stock market, I will also try to learn about fundamental and technical analysis which will further help me in choosing my stocks to buy and sell. I will be discussing my progress about it also here in my blog hopefully soon.
       Christmas is fast approaching and I need to have extra money for my love ones' and inaanak's gifts. December, I believe will be a good time for bargain hunting... I'll be ready for that! SALE SALE SALE!!!

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