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Saturday, October 16, 2010


        Last night after finishing my meal, I started browsing again the Stock Investing Thread in the KFAM Forum from page 1. It still makes me smile when I read the part on how I started my stock investing. I was so eager to know how to apply for an account because it has been my plan before to do that unfortunately only this year I learned about online trading in the Philippines. I always read the posts of bro John316 and bro Louis then tried also playing the Stock Trading Game in PSE website. There were nights where I couldn't sleep early due to my excitement of having my first set of stocks. I will even calculate in advance how much will I earn if I buy and sell a particular stock thinking that it will be that easy to earn money in stocks. I was such in hurry to apply for my account that there was 1 funny thing that happened. Instead of applying for an online trading, the application submitted was for manual trading meaning I have to re-submit another application. Grrrr! I couldn't wait for several more days before I could buy my first stocks.
       Fast forward, after my FMS application was approved I finally bought my first set of stocks on June 18, 2010. To quote my post in KFAM forum " i was able to buy bpi and px today @ 44 & 12.25 respectively! yehey! my first set of stocks... go BPI! go PX! up we go!"... SO EXCITED! hahaha!
       Why BPI and PX as my first stocks? At that time I was following bro john316 posts and some of his recommendations were BPI, PX and VLL. I don't know yet about fundamental analysis or technical analysis (only now I'm starting to learn about them by reading books and browsing the web). Anyway, I know BPI is a bank  and PX is a mining company (Philex Mining was one of our clients when I was still working for a fabrication/ machine/ foundry shop in Valenzuela City). There was no other reason for me why I bought those stocks aside from the fact that they were recommended by my friend and I am familiar with the name of the company! After having them, I couldn't sleep well because I was thinking already if their prices would go up the following day and I could sell them soon for a profit. Since I'm in the Middle East, I have to wake up at 4:30 am just to watch how my 2 stocks were doing... I really couldn't sleep! Next stocks I bought were FLI and PNX... Still I was only relying on my friends suggestions though most of his recommended companies if not all have sound fundamentals... If there are speculative stocks, he always reminds me of taking extra caution even from the very beginning. I don't know but even from the start I already trusted his recommendations. There is one thing I noticed from my friend, bro John316, he loves to share what he knows and what he has without expecting anything in return and I admire him for that!
       And then I came across dividends, some of the stocks I bought gave dividends. It makes it more interesting, I could earn more aside from selling my shares at a profit. Some have cash dividends and 1 have stock dividends... What are these DIVIDENDS? 

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