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Friday, October 8, 2010

My Stocks for Today - 08/10/2010

       Hello guys! I hope you had a good day today unlike me. I was suppose to write about my next topic, Online Stock Trading, but after what happened this morning I can't concentrate about my next post. So let me just update you about my stocks as of today. The market had a correction today and you know what? Finally! I got my FOOD at my barat bid of 1.52! YES! PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE.... But I was not lucky to get additional VLL because my super barat bid of 3.19 was not reached, the lowest price for VLL today was 3.25 only then it went back to its closing price of 3.32. Try and try.... and try and try.... I'll just post some bid a bit higher probably from 3.20 - 3.24 next time to lower down my average price of 3.2877 as of today.

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