Philippine Stock Exchange


Monday, April 25, 2011

Back to Philippines

       After 1 year and 9 months, I am back here in the Philippines together with my family... I wasn't able to finish my 2 years contract because of 1 unfortunate event in the camp.

       Now that I am here, I can not check out my stocks daily because I don't have internet connection in our house. I only go to my brother's house at least every other day because I also have some work in the field. I am helping my father in cleaning the field in preparation for the coming planting season.

       Also, I am doing some preparation for the coming 3rd birthday of our princess this coming April 28, 2011. Everyone is invited! ( Plaese don't forget your gifts, ok?) LOL!

"He who has a bountiful eye will be blessed..." < romer is ayeckanic, ayeckanic is romer > Ayeckanic™

Friday, April 1, 2011

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

       What a very nice trading week it was! I sold my TEL after holding it for only 2 days with a profit of 15%... How I wish I have 100 shares of it but I don't have enough cash for .... I was very sleepy when I checked out my portfolio the other day (I usually wake up at around 4:30 am daily to do stock trading ) but upon seeing my gain on TEL, I can't take a nap anymore. All I wanted to do at that very moment was for me to sell my TEL!

       Comparing my portfolio from last week with today, all my stocks went up specially ALI, MPI, SMPH and VLL (although most of them are still having paper losses at the moment). As usual, there will be cash  dividends from ALI, FPH, MBT and also CEB which  I  bought only today.

      I'm aiming to buy more MPI when there is a market correction and EDC is on my wish list also. These 2 will be for my long term investment. It just so happens that every time I have money for EDC, it's price already shoots up before I can bid. I will try to play GEO once again so I bought several shares this morning @ 0.57 then will sell it at 0.62. For this play, I will be targeting 2 value meals from Jollibee ;p

      I'm counting on you ALI! As the great boxer Ali said, "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"... 

"He who has a bountiful eye will be blessed..." < romer is ayeckanic, ayeckanic is romer > Ayeckanic™

Kruk Kruk the Wonder Chicken

       I had a chat with my mentor in stocks last week and our topic was about stocks and investments. My plan of buying some TEL (yup! I bought some TEL and sold it after 2 days only with a 15% + profit!!!  NICE!) and adding more MPI in my portfolio and his recommendation of buying JGS together with the sudden rise of MER started a great chat.

      From there, we talked about having a business together with some friends and then he relayed to me that he is already a licensed real estate agent of RLC (Robinsons Land Corporation)! He was asking if I could help him with it and I replied back that I will try when I get home...

       Here in my place of work, it's not easy to sell high end condo and residential units to my Filipino co-workers in our company because they are mostly drivers, welders and operators. Only having a modest income they still manage to buy first a new and expensive mobile phone or laptop instead of saving or investing their hard earned money. Maybe they are thinking that the next salary is just a month away. Some even try to take cash advance with reason that a family member is very sick and need to be hospitalize but after several days he already have a new laptop... 

       So I will try to help my mentor with his real estate business when I'm in the Philippines already because I told him that I am with "chickens" right now and not "eagles". I need to find eagles who could fly high and hunt for food with their very sharp vision. Eagles who could brave strong winds! We can sell condos/ residential units to those who earns and invest... A chicken usually stays with the flock scratching for food.  

Kruk Kruk - the wonder chicken of my mentor
       But what if you were a chicken, living your whole life with other chickens scratching for food or waiting for food your master gives you? Could you be like an eagle? Of course not, never! But still you could be a great chicken just like Kruk Kruk - the wonder chicken of my stocks mentor! She can't fly high like an eagle but spared from being cooked into "tinola". Why? Because Kruk Kruk is a great chicken, everyday she lays an egg which according to my friend would cost P5 already.
Kruk Kruk - the wonder chicken of my mentor
       If you can't be like an eagle, be like Kruk Kruk and not just  like an ordinary chicken. I wonder.... Mentor, how's Kruk Kruk now?

"He who has a bountiful eye will be blessed..." < romer is ayeckanic, ayeckanic is romer > Ayeckanic™