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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Stocks for Today - 05/10/2010

       Merry Christmas! HO HO HO! I feel GREAT! Did you notice any changes in my portfolio today? Some stocks were not there anymore right? It's because I let go my DMC and RLC shares. I also sold some of my shares of PX to pocket my gains (almost 50% profit) from my favorite stock. The rest of my PX shares will wait until it reaches my TP of 18 - 20. Now I can give balato to my babe and baby!
       One thing I just notice, every time I was able to sell my stocks their price shoots up! Oh well, as my friends always remind me "moderate your greed" and "a profit is a profit"! Some of my profit I will invest them back again, wait for the bargain hunting time... yipeeee! To my super "S" gurus in KFAM Stock Investing Thread aka LIP thread, thanks a lot for being so nice to us newbies! God bless you all.

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