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Friday, December 31, 2010


       Today was the last trading day of the year, 2010, but my last sell for this year was not done though . I woke up late and when I posted a sell for MER at 230, it did not reach that price anymore after reaching once then going down. Actually the night before, some buys and sell were posted but I was surprise to see when I woke up that my off-hours orders were all canceled. Anyway, it's okay and no need to cry over spilled milk as they say.
       Checking my portfolio as of today, it was not so good because almost all of my stocks were in red meaning at the moment I have some paper losses. I used the term paper losses only because as long as they were not sold at their current price, I haven't lost anything yet from my investment on them. I'm looking forward for a better year for all stock investors this coming year, 2011.
       Same with the previous day, the last trading day for this year ended in green. The Philippine Stock Market had a very good year in 2010 and I'm hoping that the bull continues to "run" when the trading continues next year! It's so nice to learn that the Philippine Stock Exchange Index or PSEi has surged by 1,148.46 points ending the year at 4201.14 according to the business news.
       But going back to my stock market experience, let me reminisce how did it all started and how did I fare compared to the PSE performance.
       Getting my feet wet in the stock market started one fine day (Friday to be exact) on May 7, 2010 when I started participating in the Stock Investing Thread started by bro John316. I was already reading his posts before I decided to participate in the thread...
       I continued to read and learn what the original casts were talking about. on their comments and posts. There were nights that I couldn't sleep early because of my eagerness to learn, I repeatedly read the posts in the thread and searched for other forums, websites and blogs to understand the basics of stock investing. And then I started to play the PSE Stock Trading Game,
       I continued to read and ask my friends in the KFAM forum about the things that I could not understand about stocks and they were very kind to explain to me kahit medyo makulit ako. And then the day has come that playing the PSE STG was not enough for me anymore and I wanted the real one!
       The waiting game for the application for my online account was like a torture to me. Each day that was passing is like a month because of my excitement to have my first set of stocks. And on June 16, 2010 a new stock investor ( that was ME of course! ) was able to start ( although my first set of stocks, BPI and PX, were bought only after 2 days),
       Along the way while waiting for my stocks prices to rise, I have received cash dividends on my stocks and stock rights also which I did not avail because I still don't know how to take it. On July 20,2010 I sold one of my stocks for the very first time, my BPI shares. Then it was followed by PNX and FLI, all of them at a profit.
       It is not easy to choose the stocks for me this year because there are lots of good stocks to buy but I only have limited cash due to the fact that I am only using my free cash for my stock investing. Anyway, if you want to do stock investing you need to bear in mind that only your free cash should be use for it as what my LIP casts friends always reiterate in the thread.
       So how did I fare in my first 6 months in the stock market? I will rate my self a passing grade of .... 75! LOL! Yes, I did not lost any money but there are still lessons to be learned. When I read some blogs, forums or news they were saying they earned this or that percentage which would sometimes let me ask myself how did they do that or why didn't I achieve that? I already paid my "tuition fee" for the stock market this year and I believe there would be more. The opening of an opportunity for me to start investing in stocks is already a big step towards my financial freedom and I am very thankful for that.
       Looking back at my stock market experience for 2010, I have learned a lot specially from my friends in LIP thread ( bro john316, bro louis, sis krissy, bro john, sis cjv and the whole gang ) "Ang dami na natin guys!". The greatest one is to SHARE... And I am here to share my Stock Market Experience and let everyone know that EVEN YOU CAN INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET!
       A HAPPY & BULLISH NEW YEAR TO ALL! Let's invest in the Philippine Stock Market!
 Pahabol : Bro John316, ayon sa bolang kristal na may ginto sa loob..... MER ang hahataw... si bro MER! hehehe... thanks  to all of you guys talaga!

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Monday, December 27, 2010


       Are you still confuse how the stock market works even after reading all those articles and forums in the web which talks about stocks. So, for you dear readers who are considering to invest those hard earned money in the stock market this 2011, I have some videos taken from the You Tube for your better understanding about how the stock market works.
       And here's more which talks about the Philippine stock market;

       I hope you enjoyed the videos and at the same time learned more about the stock market. Investing your free cash as one of your New Year's resolution would be a great idea!
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Sunday, December 26, 2010


       To all our friends who are into stocks, we will be having a very long weekend because the next trading day will be on December 28, 2010. Let's enjoy this time with our love ones (if you are with them). The PSE memorandum No.2010-0591 states that there will be no trading on December 24 - 27 and also on December 31, 2010 which is the last day of the year.
       See you all in the market on December 28 - 30! Got to work right now... 

       Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift!

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Friday, December 24, 2010


        Greetings to all our brothers and sisters around the world!
       Huwag po sana nating kalimutan ang tunay na kahulugan ng Pasko....
       At sa mga kagaya ko na malayo sa mga minamahal ngayong Pasko.... tumawag at text na lang po tayo. hehehe... 
Maligayang Pasko po!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


       Hello dear readers! Nope, you're not lost. This is still the same blog you were used to but with some changes. The background was replaced as I am planning to use the old background (green field) for my new blog-blogan which will be about my other passion, FARMING. It is not easy to do this because most of my LIP friends especially my mentor, bro john316 is against it. He will not visit my blog anymore (you're just kidding me bro, right?) if I replace the background which I really did. Anyway, for you dear friends I have added more palabok here;
       Did YOU KNOW - facts about stocks, business, famous persons, financial matters etc.
       Video Bar - You Tube videos which are about stocks, businesses, financial matters and the like.
       Popular Posts - List of my posts which have readers of more than 1. LOL!
       Blog List - Blogs that I have linked to with their latest post.
       Hinalukay - from Digg.
       The GOOD News

       Together with the old features I wish to help more people in learning more about stocks and start investing in stocks. Please bear with the changes as I'm planning to add more sidelights for the benefits of my dear readers. Comments, suggestions and reactions are very much welcome.

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Monday, December 20, 2010


       Surprise! I told you last time there will be changes in my portfolio. My portfolio is now completely rosy. I sold all my PX this morning because it's not pretty seeing only one stock in green while the rest are in red. Haha! I'm just kidding. I sold it because I already gained more than 40% from my investment in PX and I need to have cash for bargain hunting. On the other hand, my bids for ALI and MBT were not hit because their prices didn't go down that much today. I need to lower down my AEP for ALI. The cash that I was able to raise today, I will used them for purchasing more blue chips that are on my watch list. 
       My head was aching when I woke up this morning, I hope it was not a side effect of letting go my PX. Anyway, I'll just buy some PX shares once it dips back down. I wonder at what PX price I should buy again... Join me while I search from forums, threads and FMS website. The challenge for me now  is to look for stocks that will lead my portfolio into the green zone.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010


       It's been quite some time since I last saw my portfolio in green. When the market correction started, so does my portfolio turned into red. Now, the newbie stock investor is like a man walking in the dark without a lamp to help him follow the right path. I need to do something but I'm a little bit confused right now. I don't know what to do whether I'll buy now, I'll sell now or wait for further correction. 
       I need to ask for an expert opinion that's why I have asked Mr. Gus Cosio for his advice, "sir Gus, It’s been a long time since the market correction started that  made my portfolio stagnant. Could you please advise me here or even just post comment in my small blog on what to do. I’m just a newbie and has been reading your blog ever since I started last June. My portfolio is posted in my blog/diary…"
        I got a short but very nice reply from him and he told me this, "I must reiterate that you need conviction to be in the market. You must also have the humility to take losses whenever you have to. Money management is as important as stock picking." It was further explained to me by my friend Louis ( lead star KFAMserye in our stock investing thread.... just kidding! hello bro Louis!)
       The chicken little inside of me is starting to scare me but I'm not minding it right now as I believe that I have fundamentally sound stocks in my portfolio. I got Ayala Land Inc., Philex Mining, Manila Electric, SMPH etc.. which are cash rich and even most of them I can't sell right now, I'll still earn cash dividends if I decide to hold them for long term.
       Whatever passion that drove me to start investing in stocks several months before, it is still with me. Time really comes that we are confused and don't know what to do but it is up to us how to handle the situation. If you are into stocks like me, don't panic. Relax and think not just once or twice before deciding. Or else you might lost your money (I mean lots of money) if you listen to chicken little who is shouting that the SKY is FALLING.
       So, will I buy or sell now? Let me think. By tomorrow you might see some changes in my portfolio. One thing for sure, I enjoy investing in the stock market! Do you?

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Sunday, December 12, 2010


       How many times have you ever told yourself that one? Have you ever included in your New Year's resolution that you'll start investing this year which was until now you haven't started yet even though that was 2, 4, or even 10 years ago? 
       Let me guess what could be the reason why it is being delayed....1) Is it because you don't have cash to invest? 2) Is it because you have no time to invest as you are so busy on your 8 hour - 10 hour job? 3) or you don't know where to invest your hard-earned money? 4) None of the above or all of the above?....

       1) I don't have cash to invest
Yeah right! You don't have cash to invest because you were able to use it the last time going somewhere like Hong Kong, Singapore or Boracay. You were always in Starbucks and malls. You have the latest mobile phone every other month.... Yes, you "really" don't have cash to invest...
       But why do the house helpers and driver of Bro Bo Sanchez have cash for investing in stocks? Does that mean they have more money than you? Have you ever check where did your last month's salary go? 
       2) I don't have time to invest
Ok, you are so busy the whole day in your work... or are you really busy? I bet most of you who have internet access in your work usually check out your favorite social networking site very often. Even me, I sometimes check mine to see if somebody commented on my blog link. 
       Are you the type of guy/gal that after work which is usually around 5 pm off you go with your friends to have a drink of stroll somewhere and you just go home straight to the bed? Gee, you "really" don't have time to invest.
       3) I don't know where to invest
So who is the latest boyfriend of Marian Rivera or Shaina Magdayao? I bet you know them very well. How about the latest intrigue between Sharon Cuneta and Aga Muhlach? Or did somebody made peace already with Toni Gonzaga? Or did this couple get married in India? 
       You know all of these or most of these items I think because you always browse the entertainment section of your favorite newspaper, website or magazine. So how come you don't know where to invest, my friend?
       4) All of the above and a whole lot more!
Ok... So what to do habibi? Maybe you really don't want to invest your money.
       If you are serious in your plan to invest then you have to do something. I have some suggestions for you to make your plan to invest become a reality;
       a) You should know the difference between NEED and WANT... Do you really need to go to Singapore now or you just want to go there? Do you really need to buy the new smartphone or you just want it to look cool among your friends? 
       Wants are often distinguished from needs. A need is something that is necessary for survival (such as food and shelter), whereas a want is simply something that a person would like to have. 

      A need is something you have to have, something you can't do without. A good example is food. If you don't eat, you won't survive for long. Many people have gone days without eating, but they eventually ate a lot of food. You might not need a whole lot of food, but you do need to eat. 
       A want is something you would like to have. It is not absolutely necessary, but it would be a good thing to have. A good example is music. Now, some people might argue that music is a need because they think they can't do without it. But you don't need music to survive. You do need to eat.
        Now that you know the difference between WANT and NEED, then you will be able to save some extra money for your investing plan. You can decide whether to spend your cash or use it for investing.
      b) You have the time to invest. Always remember that. If you have so much time to go to malls, partying with friends, watching soap operas, chatting etc... then why don't you cut some time from those and allocate them to think and plan about investing? 

      c) There are so many ways to invest your money. You may start a business, invest them into mutual funds,  T-bills, bonds or stocks. All you have to do is browse the internet and you can get all the information that will help you decide what investment suits your interest and risk appetite. If you can search the latest intrigues inside showbiz, then why can't you search something for your financial freedom?
       Lastly, for me it will still depend on you whether you invest your money or spend it because it is yours. If you choose to invest it, then be sure where to invest it because there are lots of options for you and risk is always there. Just open your eyes and use your spare time to plan, research and put  your plan into action. 
       So when are you going to start investing.... SOON?
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Thursday, December 9, 2010


       I'm not a techie guy and never had a hi-tech gadget excluding my laptop (if you consider that a hi-tech) which is already around 4 years old. It's our secret guys, I bought that laptop when I won in a lottery! I don't buy signature clothes or those expensive shoes either because I prefer to be simple ( as I always believe in the motto K.I.S.S - Keep it simple SIMPLE! hahaha! I know what you're thinking). Anyway, whether it's Nike , Adidas or Advan shoes they are just the same. What is more important for me is I have something to wear and I have extra cash for my savings. I am just practical, my first mobile phone was Nokia 3310 which I had to buy using the money my uncle had lent to me almost 10 years ago. For the past 10 years of using a mobile phone, I only use it for calling, sending SMS and taking either photo/video. That's me when it comes to mobile phones.
       This year when I started investing in the stock market, my main goal was not about using my earnings to buy any mobile phone anymore since I have a Nokia 6120 classic already. It is about saving for the future of my family. While working here in the Middle East now, I have to wake up 4 o'clock in the morning just to see how the market is doing and place my buy or sell with my eyes still half-close. It's not very easy to make your trades specially when the previous day, I have to work late in our workshop, as there are tendencies that I may post the wrong selling or buying price just like what happened to my friend in KFAM forum. For now it is not a problem for me doing my trading as we have an internet connection here in our camp. But when my contract expires on July next year, I will be coming back to our place which have no internet connection. We are very far from the city and going back and forth to the city proper to rent a computer for my stock trading is not practical anymore. So I was thinking of buying a smartphone that could be use for browsing news about stocks update and for posting buy or sell of my stocks any where I could be. My problem with buying smartphones is that I could not afford the price since my earnings is just enough for my family and some free cash for buying additional stocks. 
       This morning when I checked out my blog earnings from Nuffnang which is actually 6 pesos as of the moment I saw this post, WHAT’S YOUR CHRISTMAS WISH THIS YEAR?. A NOKIA C7 would be awesome for my online trading when the time comes that I am with my family by next year. It will be perfect for keeping me updated on business news and doing my online trading. Plus added bonus would be those nice photos and videos of our princess, Ayecka, which I could take and easily post in facebook using the new NOKIA C7! Hey Santa, you know I was nice not just this year but all my life... Would you grant my personal wish also? Christmas is not just for kids, YOU KNOW?
       Merry Christmas in advance!
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       Have you ever tried mountain climbing and in the middle of the trek you took a rest or even a nap before continuing to climb? or participated in a cycling race wherein you got tired and you need to slow down a bit to have 2nd wind for the later part of the race? 
       In the stock market, we also have that similar situation wherein the market that is having an uptrend will slow down for a while with stocks prices taking a dip of around 5% to 20% or so. It is just a short period of lowering of prices which can not be considered yet as bear market already. Market correction should be welcomed by stock investors instead of being feared as this is the opportunity to buy more fundamentally sound stocks. And for those who got to purchase stocks at high price, they can lower down their average price during this time. It is also a perfect time to reposition your stocks portfolio as you could sell those who are non-movers and allocate the proceeds for more liquid stocks that are at a bargain. 

       For the past 2-3 weeks there was a market correction in the Philippine stock market, unfortunately for me who is just a small time stock investor I don't have enough cash to buy. So many blue chip stocks like TEL, ALI, MER, SM, AEV and a whole lot more were on SALE. It was like a little kid entering a chocolate and candy store which have big discounts! All I could do during this correction time was watch on the sideline and study how does the traders and investors behave while prices were going down. Some of my friends were able to sell their stocks and also added more good stocks to their portfolio. Anyway, as a newbie in stock market I learned a thing or two during this market correction. It is advisable to always have extra cash in your funds ready for any correction also just relax and avoid panic selling. And as for me, it is still better to be an investor instead of a trader... 
       How about you, do you also want to try stock investing? Don't waste your time, it is better to start investing while you are young.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010


       Before I joined my present company, the construction of our small house for my small family ( I, my wife and our first baby) already started. And until now it is not yet fully furnished as I have to allocate also most of my salary for my wife and baby's needs. Whenever we have enough cash for a certain job inside the house like fixing tiles or cabinets or door for the room, I am using all of my free cash. There were times that I am asking myself, we are having a fully furnished house but what if my contract is done? Do I have an investment? Yes, I have some goats and cows for now but we don't know, livestocks is unpredictable. Today is good but what if the goats or cows got sick and die? Gee, I will be having no investment... Good for you people who are starting to invest at a very young age. Don't waste your time, if you see an opportunity to invest grab it at once!
       My savings in the bank which is not earning very good interest will be wiped out if that happens. So I started to invest in stocks this year after learning about online stock trading. At first, it was not easy to convince my wife and my mother as I usually tell them about my plans. There were doubts specially from my mother which I admit was not able to finish her schooling due to financial aspects. My grandfather was a farmer when he was still alive and sometimes a seaman.... Just kidding, my grandfather was also a fisherman...  Sometimes my mother would ask me, what if they take your money? or is that real? She would often try to convince me to just give her the money and use it for lending. Because of that, I have to explain to them point by point on how I could earn in stocks. Until there was a time that I was able to sell my first stocks at a profit, I gave some balato to them and they were finally convinced that it is not a scam or whatever illegal they were thinking.
       Now, our cabinets in the house need to have glasses and the second toilet has to be cemented. I was thinking of using first the money that I have for buying stocks because there is a bargain in the market as of the moment. My problem is my wife as she was already expecting that the other toilet will be finished on my next salary. I'll just try to convince her that it will be better if we invest first the money. In a way, there is already the first toilet which they were using at the moment. Let's see.... I hope she'll agree with my suggestion!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


       After several days of seeing "the red flag" in the stock market, finally I saw the "green flag" waving in the PSE index. 
       Is this already a sign of the end of market correction for the time being? I'll be glad to welcome that as I don't have free cash anymore for buying. Our salary is still a week from now meaning the new kid in town is just watching at the sidelines while the correction is going on. I also observed like what Bro John316 had noticed in Stock Investing Thread that the casts of the No. 1 KFAMserye were gloomy during this market correction. All free cash were used already, no more "bullets" for everyone probably... Not much posts... 
       Ok guys, I've just read one post in KFAMserye which might make us all smile. Here it goes...

John wrote:

"Anyways good news is we're not in Bear Market. According to Mr. Barredo's Elliot Wave Analysis of the PSEi, we're somewhere between the first and second wave of the three waves before the 2 downtrend waves of the Bear Market. Basically this is a healthy correction in preparation for a bigger Bull Run and after that it's the dreaded Bear Market.

So for the moment, cheer up mga katoto. Something great is ahead."

       There it goes friends! I really like KFAMserye, the casts are sooooo nice! Sweet!  Thanks Bro John. Have good night everyone! 
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