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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


       Until when will this market correction be?.... Some says it will still take around 2 more months, others 1 more month.. Who cares? Do you? If you are an investor, it's a good opportunity for you to accumulate fundamentally sound stocks. As for me, when I have my extra cash once again after my salary I'll be buying probably stocks under the Banking sector. After selling my BPI stocks, I wasn't able to buy again stocks under that sector. Whatever happens most people still save their money in banks rather than investing them, right? So I believe having stocks under banking sector in my portfolio is a good decision.
       Tomorrow will be the last trading day for November, I hope it will be in a good note to have December a very nice start! During this market correction, I still have to figure out how could I earn in my present stocks because I only have one stocks in green. PX, please lead the way for my whole portfolio. Please please please! Good luck to everyone tomorrow...

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 29, 2010 is a NON-TRADING DAY

       In observance of Bonifacio day on November 29, 2010, there will be no trading on Monday. Instead, trading will resume on November 30, 2010 (Tuesday) which will also be the last trading day for this month.
        Will there still be market correction on December or will the bullish trend be back before Christmas? We will see, but I'm hoping that I could sell some stocks so that I could have some cash for buying gifts! God bless everyone!

OT: LIP KFAMserye is getting more exciting! "ang saya-saya"! i love it!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010


       As  I was making this blog entry, I was also watching the movie, Over the Hedge, which  is about RJ the raccoon who tried to steal the foods and stuffs owned by Vincent the bear. Unfortunately those stuffs were crushed by a truck and he was caught by the bear. What does the movie have anything to do with my topic then? Not that much actually, although it just showed there the fear of RJ being killed by Vincent the bear if he could not replaced the items before Vincent is fully awake from his hibernation. The bear in the movie is portrayed as a fearsome character. Just like in the stock market, bear market is being feared by stock investors. But what actually is a bear market?
       A bear market is a general decline in the stock market over a period of time. It is a transition from high investor optimism to widespread investor fear and pessimism. According to The Vanguard Group, "While there’s no agreed-upon definition of a bear market, one generally accepted measure is a price decline of 20% or more over at least a two-month period."
       A bear market followed the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and erased 89% (from 386 to 40) of the Dow Jones Industrial Average's market capitalization by July 1932, marking the start of the Great Depression. After regaining nearly 50% of its losses, a longer bear market from 1937 to 1942 occurred in which the market was again cut in half. Another long-term bear market occurred from about 1973 to 1982, encompassing the 1970s energy crisis and the high unemployment of the early 1980s. Yet another bear market occurred between March 2000 and October 2002. The most recent example occurred between October 2007 and March 2009.
       So its been some time that my portfolio was in the red zone... Are we already having a bear market at the moment? If we just read the news in the web and browse forums that discuss about stock market, there they were mentioning about market correction going on. What does this mean? There is no need to panic for us investors because it is an opportunity to accumulate more stocks as fundamentally sound stocks are now in a bargain! It is a good time to enter the stock market if you haven't started yet because we are still in a bull market only having a market correction and not in a bear market.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


       Speculating is the assumption of risk in anticipation of gain but recognizing a higher than average possibility of loss. The term speculation implies that a business or investment risk can be analyzed and measured, and its distinction from the term Investment is one of degree of risk. It differs from gambling, which is based on random outcomes. There is nothing in the act of speculating or investing that suggests holding times, have anything to do with the difference in the degree of risk separating speculation from investing.

       In the stock market, when you buy stocks with higher risk believing that its price will go up without taking a detailed analysis then you are considered speculator. For example, you are speculating if you buy shares of XYZ mining company without checking its financial statements or even looking for any current activities by them like delivery of gold or copper or whatever they should be mining and waiting for its price to jump up. It is very risky for a newbie in stocks like me to do speculating as you might lost big money in a short time but you might also gain BIG! As what my friends in Stock Investing Thread in KFAM Forum always say,
TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK! We do not promote speculating there in the thread, instead our good friends always advise to invest instead of speculate specially for newbies because of the great risk.
So Join ME in Investing in Stocks....

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Friday, November 19, 2010


       Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim brothers/sisters! And to all my classmates and friends in the palengke, I'm so sorry I was "absent" for almost a week.What happened was that our modem cannot connect during the holidays here in my location. Poor Ayeckanic, he wasn't able to have new entries in his blog....
       When I checked my portfolio today, there was not much changes since a week ago. And I was reading something about debt fear in Ireland being discussed in LIP thread in KFAM forum.
       Hopefully, there will be no more connection problem in our internet here starting today. I wasn't able to read news, send e-mails, post in forums, buy/sell stocks, update my blog etc. because of connection problem.
       Congrats to Manny Pacquiao by the way for winning his fight against A. Margarito! Manny, balato naman dyan! Pambili ko ng stocks.... 

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


       I got inspired today and also there was a free time for me in the afternoon that's why I was able to write an article about bull market instead of waiting for the 3 day holiday here next week.
       While browsing an online community several days ago, a post by Sir Gus Cosio, "Bull on the Loose", caught my attention at once that I immediately read it. No, he wass not talking about a live bull running around the neighborhood. Ha ha ha! In his post he mentioned about the PSE index surging around 20% over the past 2 months and he mentioned some of the stocks he has been following that gained so much in just that short span. Also, we have been discussing in LIP thread in the KFAM forum about having a bull market at the moment in stocks. But what actually is a bull market?

Bull market

A bull market is associated with increasing investor confidence, and increased investing in anticipation of future price increases (capital gains). A bullish trend in the stock market often begins before the general economy shows clear signs of recovery. It is a win-win situation for the investors.


Bull market  

A prolonged period in which investment prices rise faster than their historical average. Bull markets can happen as a result of an economic recovery, an economic boom, or investor psychology. The longest and most famous bull market is the one that began in the early 1990s in which the U.S. equity markets grew at their fastest pace ever. opposite of bear market.  


       In Ayeckanic™'s term (as what I have understood from its meaning of course), we have a bull market if the market is "continuously" going up and with the share prices keeps on rising because of some reasons like an economic recovery, an economic boom or investor psychology.
       Example of a well known bull market is in India's Bombay Stock Exchange Index, SENSEX, which had a bull market trend for about five years from April 2003 to January 2008 as it increased from 2,900 points to 21,000 points.

       You may check this video about bull market:
       Article worth reading about bull market in the Philippine Stock Market:

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The ME is Out

       Hello dear friends! Sorry if I could not update my blog for some time. It is because I'm very much occupied with my work right now. Actually I was not also buying any stocks as of the moment because I could not wake up early in the morning to monitor the movement of the market and see which is good for trading. But I promise, I'll be preparing very nice posts during the 3 days holiday next week for you dear readers. For now, I'll just update my portfolio and "One joke a day, keeps the wrinkles away". Have a nice day everyone!
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Monday, November 1, 2010


       I got curious about this hot topic in the thread that's why when I saw it in the grocery I bought one. I haven't tried it though. I feel so bored here in my room and can't think of anything to post about the stock market right now because of the long weekend. Just for fun, sis krissy and the KFAM friends! Look I found a nutella!

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