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Thursday, October 21, 2010


       I woke up very early today to see how my offline orders were doing when the trading was suddenly halted at around 10 am (5 am here in my location) due to a bomb threat in PSE Tower One building. I was really upset because my bids were not hit but I knew they were about to be hit due to the momentum. I could have sold my MPI today... sigh... Did somebody made that prank call for fun or what? I don't know but I hope it will not be repeated again so as not to upset our stock investors. The trading was resumed at around 1 pm and closed just after 1 hour.
       The market was finally green today and it was already gaining momentum as per my observation when it was halted due to that "bomb threat". I was able to lower down the average cost for  my FOOD today i(f you will compare my portfolio as of yesterday and today) because I bought some more FOOD (formerly TUNA) @ 1.48... I just hope FOOD will start to go up already. I'm counting on you FOOD! hahaha!
"He who has a bountiful eye will be blessed..." < romer is aikonic, aikonic is romer >

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