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Saturday, February 26, 2011


       Yesterday lunch, I tried to cook a sweet and sour lapu-lapu thinking that it will come out like what I was imagining since the day I bought the fish from the market... Fried the fish, made the sauce..... and voila!!! My specialty, sweet and sour lapu-lapu ala tsamba!!! 

       I have been eating fried egg, noodles, hotdog, corned beef, tocino and the like with rice for the past few days so I was excited of having my sweet and sour lapu-lapu for lunch this time. I took some rice and put my specialty on the top. Feeling so hungry, I immediately put a mouthful of rice with my patsam... 

       Something's lacking, I am not sure what was it but something's lacking.... Anyway, I still finish it and  I had my greatest lunch for this year (imagining that it was from a five star hotel)! So last night I tried to add some spices to the leftover; took some spices from my Sri Lankan and Indian friends. This time it tastes a little better, not like what I have imagined at first but it tasted like a real sweet and sour lapu-lapu!

       Meanwhile, my imagination of having profits in a flash was not that real also. Yes, I earned some good profits last year but not for the first 2 months of this year. So many factors has been affecting the stock market like foreign funds being transferred to US and EUROPE and Middle East "happenings". Because of these, the PSEI has not yet continued it's bullish trend since November.

       My portfolio has been suffering some big paper losses and I can't remember anymore when was the last day that I had a green portfolio. The stocks that have the biggest paper losses at the moment were mostly property stocks like VLL, ALI and FLI... Why oh why?

       Anyway, with an investor attitude there is no need to panic at the moment. I still have some cash and I'm planning to add more stocks in my portfolio. I tried to bid for MPI this morning which will be for my long term hold but was not hit. Maybe next week I will bid again for MPI and EDC.

       Just like what I have imagined for my sweet and sour lapu-lapu, hindi ko man nakuha agad ang tamang timpla ng stocks investing ko. Makukuha at makukuha ko rin yan sa tiyaga... Another important thing is that I tried. As what we always say, "there's no harm in trying". 

       Oh by the way, i still had a leftover sweet and sour lapu-lapu this lunch! yum yum!!!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

President Hosni Mubarak Resigns

       After 18 days of mass protest in Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak resigns according to the news.... First it was Tunisia, now Egypt... Hay naku, ibang klase pag-umpisa ng taong 2011 ito...
      What could be its effect around the world? We will see... Abangan, magmasid at makiramdam. Lahat tayo apektado rito sa palagay ko...

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Friday, February 11, 2011


       It's Friday! My expectation of the index to close in red because of profit taking did not come true. My friend KennyV thought that AEV has something to do why the index ended in green today. Hmmm....

       Having read his post, I checked out AEV a while ago and it was one of the top gainers for today. 2nd to LIHC, AEV gained 11.11% from yesterday's close of 33.30 to 37 today. 

       The closest index stocks to AEV in terms of gain were GLO and SMPH having gained 2.27% and 1.96% respectively. On the other hand stocks in the index that were biggest losers were FLI losing 3.67% and MPI losing 3.06%. 
        I believe some still avoided the market today because there were only 1.24 billion shares traded with a value of 7.35 billion pesos. Were they still waiting for further consolidation? With the market breaching its previous support of 3800, the next support is at around 3620 which I am praying not to be broken again.
       Anyway, there were some companies like SMDC and ALI that posted good profits for the year 2010 which I hope would help push their prices. With more companies due to report their 2010 earnings, we will see more bargain hunting on these companies especially those investors and traders believe that had good profits last year. 

       ALI  had a record P5.46B income in 2010 and they will be investing P3-B to develop University Town in UP according to the news. Will these news help this stock finally go up again? ALI ended green today so I guess the news and earnings report helped. Hopefully it will continue next week.
       After having a very long week with each day PSEI closing in red, today was a bit more relaxing (at least for me) after having a green FRIDAY. Tomorrow will be the start of the week here in my location and I can sleep until 6 am! Ooopppsss! That's if nobody from the site calls me while I'm asleep... Usually I have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning if I want to watch the market.

       Have a nice weekend everyone! Enjoy it with your kapamilya... I'll read some books about investing in stocks later... Thanks a lot to my buddies in Stock Investing Thread aka LIP thread (KFAM forum)!

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Monday, February 7, 2011


       I'm having a headache.... No, it's not because of my portfolio being red. It's so cold here in my location even during the daytime. The chilly wind makes me sick, making my hands numb when they get wet.
       After several days of having rain and a little flooding in our camp (thanks God, we did not experienced the same flooding like the flood in Jeddah) , my dirty clothes was piled up and I need to wash them by hand. Our only washing machine in the camp probably got tired of washing laundry for more than 40 people and it quit! Ha ha ha!
       After a month since the stock market opened this year, I was able to sell only my MER and FOOD and it seems there is no stocks in my portfolio which is ripe for selling. My blue chips are all having paper losses at the moment with VLL having the biggest paper loss followed by FLI and ALI.
       No matter what, I will not cut loss on these 3 stocks together with SMPH and MBT and I'll just wait for them to go up. Checking the buyers/sellers on the stocks that I hold, I could see whether foreigns are buying or selling them. It seems that these actions greatly affect the price of stocks also by the so called "jockeys".
       I'll be allotting small part of my cash for speculative stocks soon and try to do day trading. By buying stocks and selling them after a short period of time (same day or same week), the risk will be greater than buying blue chips. Although as what they say, "high risk, high reward", I should be better prepared for the high risk that's why only small part of my cash will be used for it. Wish me luck!
       Same with the so cold nights for the past days, the PSEI has been so cold to me also. The consolidation keeps going and going and going.... like that hyper bunny in a tv commercial. Checking out the chart below, the consolidation started November of last year and it might still continue. 
        From the news, the PSEI support is still at 3800 and the 4,000 as the psychological resistance level . Looks to me that I'll be watching at the sidelines for the mean time and hoping that the bullish trend of the market continues soon. Don't disturb the "bear", he is hybernating....Ha ha ha!
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