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Friday, March 25, 2011

A Day of Rage?

       No, I was not talking about the "news" that came out about the rally or protest being planned in Saudi Arabia. There are so many problems in some Middle Eastern countries and I hope Saudi will not add on the list because more OFWs will be affected.     

       2012..... This is the movie that comes into my mind the moment I saw the video of the tsunami that hit Japan after the 8.8 magnitude earthquake (or is it 8.4?)

       My heart was pounding while waiting for updates about the said earthquake since a tsunami alert was also issued in some ares of the Philippines although the location of my family was not on the list. Here is the news link which shows the areas with tsunami alert in the Philippines.

       Since this blog entry was made on the day that the Japan earthquake happened, you probably knew by now that  there was no tsunami that hit the Philippines like that in Japan.

       I was able to have a chat in YM with the godfather of my princess who is living in Japan and thank God they were safe....Let's pray for Japan and that they can make a great solution on their nuclear power plants.

       In Saudi, the "day of rage" which some people planned on March 11 thwarted by the police forces and the whole country was peaceful on that Friday.
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