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Friday, December 31, 2010


       Today was the last trading day of the year, 2010, but my last sell for this year was not done though . I woke up late and when I posted a sell for MER at 230, it did not reach that price anymore after reaching once then going down. Actually the night before, some buys and sell were posted but I was surprise to see when I woke up that my off-hours orders were all canceled. Anyway, it's okay and no need to cry over spilled milk as they say.
       Checking my portfolio as of today, it was not so good because almost all of my stocks were in red meaning at the moment I have some paper losses. I used the term paper losses only because as long as they were not sold at their current price, I haven't lost anything yet from my investment on them. I'm looking forward for a better year for all stock investors this coming year, 2011.
       Same with the previous day, the last trading day for this year ended in green. The Philippine Stock Market had a very good year in 2010 and I'm hoping that the bull continues to "run" when the trading continues next year! It's so nice to learn that the Philippine Stock Exchange Index or PSEi has surged by 1,148.46 points ending the year at 4201.14 according to the business news.
       But going back to my stock market experience, let me reminisce how did it all started and how did I fare compared to the PSE performance.
       Getting my feet wet in the stock market started one fine day (Friday to be exact) on May 7, 2010 when I started participating in the Stock Investing Thread started by bro John316. I was already reading his posts before I decided to participate in the thread...
       I continued to read and learn what the original casts were talking about. on their comments and posts. There were nights that I couldn't sleep early because of my eagerness to learn, I repeatedly read the posts in the thread and searched for other forums, websites and blogs to understand the basics of stock investing. And then I started to play the PSE Stock Trading Game,
       I continued to read and ask my friends in the KFAM forum about the things that I could not understand about stocks and they were very kind to explain to me kahit medyo makulit ako. And then the day has come that playing the PSE STG was not enough for me anymore and I wanted the real one!
       The waiting game for the application for my online account was like a torture to me. Each day that was passing is like a month because of my excitement to have my first set of stocks. And on June 16, 2010 a new stock investor ( that was ME of course! ) was able to start ( although my first set of stocks, BPI and PX, were bought only after 2 days),
       Along the way while waiting for my stocks prices to rise, I have received cash dividends on my stocks and stock rights also which I did not avail because I still don't know how to take it. On July 20,2010 I sold one of my stocks for the very first time, my BPI shares. Then it was followed by PNX and FLI, all of them at a profit.
       It is not easy to choose the stocks for me this year because there are lots of good stocks to buy but I only have limited cash due to the fact that I am only using my free cash for my stock investing. Anyway, if you want to do stock investing you need to bear in mind that only your free cash should be use for it as what my LIP casts friends always reiterate in the thread.
       So how did I fare in my first 6 months in the stock market? I will rate my self a passing grade of .... 75! LOL! Yes, I did not lost any money but there are still lessons to be learned. When I read some blogs, forums or news they were saying they earned this or that percentage which would sometimes let me ask myself how did they do that or why didn't I achieve that? I already paid my "tuition fee" for the stock market this year and I believe there would be more. The opening of an opportunity for me to start investing in stocks is already a big step towards my financial freedom and I am very thankful for that.
       Looking back at my stock market experience for 2010, I have learned a lot specially from my friends in LIP thread ( bro john316, bro louis, sis krissy, bro john, sis cjv and the whole gang ) "Ang dami na natin guys!". The greatest one is to SHARE... And I am here to share my Stock Market Experience and let everyone know that EVEN YOU CAN INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET!
       A HAPPY & BULLISH NEW YEAR TO ALL! Let's invest in the Philippine Stock Market!
 Pahabol : Bro John316, ayon sa bolang kristal na may ginto sa loob..... MER ang hahataw... si bro MER! hehehe... thanks  to all of you guys talaga!

"He who has a bountiful eye will be blessed..." < romer is ayeckanic, ayeckanic is romer > Ayeckanic™

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