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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


       After several days of seeing "the red flag" in the stock market, finally I saw the "green flag" waving in the PSE index. 
       Is this already a sign of the end of market correction for the time being? I'll be glad to welcome that as I don't have free cash anymore for buying. Our salary is still a week from now meaning the new kid in town is just watching at the sidelines while the correction is going on. I also observed like what Bro John316 had noticed in Stock Investing Thread that the casts of the No. 1 KFAMserye were gloomy during this market correction. All free cash were used already, no more "bullets" for everyone probably... Not much posts... 
       Ok guys, I've just read one post in KFAMserye which might make us all smile. Here it goes...

John wrote:

"Anyways good news is we're not in Bear Market. According to Mr. Barredo's Elliot Wave Analysis of the PSEi, we're somewhere between the first and second wave of the three waves before the 2 downtrend waves of the Bear Market. Basically this is a healthy correction in preparation for a bigger Bull Run and after that it's the dreaded Bear Market.

So for the moment, cheer up mga katoto. Something great is ahead."

       There it goes friends! I really like KFAMserye, the casts are sooooo nice! Sweet!  Thanks Bro John. Have good night everyone! 
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