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Thursday, December 16, 2010


       It's been quite some time since I last saw my portfolio in green. When the market correction started, so does my portfolio turned into red. Now, the newbie stock investor is like a man walking in the dark without a lamp to help him follow the right path. I need to do something but I'm a little bit confused right now. I don't know what to do whether I'll buy now, I'll sell now or wait for further correction. 
       I need to ask for an expert opinion that's why I have asked Mr. Gus Cosio for his advice, "sir Gus, It’s been a long time since the market correction started that  made my portfolio stagnant. Could you please advise me here or even just post comment in my small blog on what to do. I’m just a newbie and has been reading your blog ever since I started last June. My portfolio is posted in my blog/diary…"
        I got a short but very nice reply from him and he told me this, "I must reiterate that you need conviction to be in the market. You must also have the humility to take losses whenever you have to. Money management is as important as stock picking." It was further explained to me by my friend Louis ( lead star KFAMserye in our stock investing thread.... just kidding! hello bro Louis!)
       The chicken little inside of me is starting to scare me but I'm not minding it right now as I believe that I have fundamentally sound stocks in my portfolio. I got Ayala Land Inc., Philex Mining, Manila Electric, SMPH etc.. which are cash rich and even most of them I can't sell right now, I'll still earn cash dividends if I decide to hold them for long term.
       Whatever passion that drove me to start investing in stocks several months before, it is still with me. Time really comes that we are confused and don't know what to do but it is up to us how to handle the situation. If you are into stocks like me, don't panic. Relax and think not just once or twice before deciding. Or else you might lost your money (I mean lots of money) if you listen to chicken little who is shouting that the SKY is FALLING.
       So, will I buy or sell now? Let me think. By tomorrow you might see some changes in my portfolio. One thing for sure, I enjoy investing in the stock market! Do you?

"He who has a bountiful eye will be blessed..." < romer is ayeckanic, ayeckanic is romer > Ayeckanic™


RmR said...

Thanks to Sir Gus Cosio and Bro Louis.

Anonymous said...

idol na idol talga superb

mcurtis said...

it looks like you sold your Philex Mining shares ata 40 % profit.Seems to be a little more gas left in the market til Christmas and January/february will be a good time to reposition.
SMPH should start to move up once Henry SY snr makes his retirement? plans clear.Other stocks are safe as well.

RmR said...

thanks for dropping by and posting your comment mcurtis! yup, i sold all my PX this morning. it's hard to let go of PX 'coz it was my biggest earner in my 6 months in the stock market. you are right, i need the cash for repositioning.
i'm planning to allocate some cash also for mutual funds FAMI.
stuck with my SMPH though...

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