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Monday, December 27, 2010


       Are you still confuse how the stock market works even after reading all those articles and forums in the web which talks about stocks. So, for you dear readers who are considering to invest those hard earned money in the stock market this 2011, I have some videos taken from the You Tube for your better understanding about how the stock market works.
       And here's more which talks about the Philippine stock market;

       I hope you enjoyed the videos and at the same time learned more about the stock market. Investing your free cash as one of your New Year's resolution would be a great idea!
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gelovsky said...

I want to invest money. I just don't know how. Well anyways, are you a Filipino?

RmR said...

thanks for dropping by my blog gelovsky. there are so many ways to invest your hard-earned money. just choose which one suits your risk appetite. yes, i am a Filipino.

Aznzar said...

hello, nice topic least showing that there is a hope for having a chance to invest and earn money

RmR said...

hello there Aznzar! thanks for dropping by and posting your comment.Yup! Our goal is to help others learn more about investing their hard earned money (free cash) into the stock market. Although I'm not expert here, sharing my experience will be nice for those planning to start in the stock market also. We have lots of choices where to invest like business, real estate, bonds, mutual funds, T-Bills, stocks etc... Have a nice day my friend!

D' Intelligent Investor said...

Welcome to the Stock Market Investors Club.

Hope you will learn to invest wisely. As a new investor, I encourage you to take the value investing approach. Learn more about it. Its the best foundation to becoming an intelligent stock market investor.

RmR said...

Thanks D' Intelligent Investor for visiting small blog/diary. I'm just a newbie in the stock market. your blog would be a great help for me and some others who would like to be a stock investor also.

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