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Sunday, January 2, 2011


       So here we are, thank you 2010 and welcome 2011! I hope nobody from you, dear readers including their love ones, had a cut finger because of "paputok"! Here in my location, we only had a dinner of pansit bihon and bulalo with rice to welcome 2011. I could have been happier if I was with my wifey and our princess but what to do yani, I need to work for my mag-ina. So what was on your table for the Media Noche also?
       Being a tradition, I also prepare my New Year's resolution for this year. The most important one for me is for me to be more of a giver, somebody who can share even in a very small way. It was one of the good things that I have learned from being a member of the LIP thread aside from investing (in stocks). I don't need to elaborate it more here because it might make me emotional. LOL! You may visit he KFAM thread, Stock Investing aka LIP thread, and you will be surprised because it is not only about stocks that we discuss there.
        Another one is to plan more for investing my hard earned cash so I am thinking of investing a portion of my free cash also into a mutual fund. I already choose FAMI but still figuring out how could I do it while still here abroad. Anyway as what the saying goes "If there's a will, there's a way"...
       My 2 years working contract is about to expire after 6 months from now, so I still have time to earn some more for additional investments before going home (unless my company terminates my contract unexpectedly). We don't know, sometimes even your own kababayan has a tendency of being a CRAB. I hate it when somebody do that just for them to look good for the management... OOOOPPPSSSS! Out of topic.
       So let's just go back to my topic, New Year's resolution... Aha! Before the end of the year I was able to convince my wifey to invest some of her free cash in stocks. It is not a big amount but at least, she can start having some stocks than letting the money stay in the bank. I told her that I will buy either JFC or SM for her. I will continue to ask her to invest in stocks or in mutual fund whichever she prefers from this year onwards.
       I will also be making a new blog/diary which will be introduced in the LIP thread. Then, I will exercise more because although I'm not tabain, I feel weak because of no exercise here in my work. And then I will do more research on my prospect stocks before buying. 
       Have you made also your New Year's resolution? I hope one of them is investing... IN STOCKS! God Bless Us All! Happy and bullish new year to every one!

"He who has a bountiful eye will be blessed..." < romer is ayeckanic, ayeckanic is romer > Ayeckanic™

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