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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


       Until when will this market correction be?.... Some says it will still take around 2 more months, others 1 more month.. Who cares? Do you? If you are an investor, it's a good opportunity for you to accumulate fundamentally sound stocks. As for me, when I have my extra cash once again after my salary I'll be buying probably stocks under the Banking sector. After selling my BPI stocks, I wasn't able to buy again stocks under that sector. Whatever happens most people still save their money in banks rather than investing them, right? So I believe having stocks under banking sector in my portfolio is a good decision.
       Tomorrow will be the last trading day for November, I hope it will be in a good note to have December a very nice start! During this market correction, I still have to figure out how could I earn in my present stocks because I only have one stocks in green. PX, please lead the way for my whole portfolio. Please please please! Good luck to everyone tomorrow...

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abitrade said...

Doesn't look like a correction. Seems like a downtrend already. What do you think?

RmR said...

thanks for dropping by and posting abitrade! i'm just a newbie bro. if that happens (downtrend) and not just a correction, i still need to figure out what should i do. anyway,accdg. to some news correction will still be around 2 more months. it's a good time for investors to accumulate fundamentally sound stocks. how's your portfolio doing during these red days by the way?

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