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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Waiting Game na lang...

       First of all, congratulations to Mr. Hans Sicat who was appointed as the new Philippine Stock Exchange Inc. president and Mr. Cornelio Peralta as the bourse's chairman.
       As of this writing, Dow Jones was up by 94.57 points. I'm hoping that it will also help the PSE to go up by tomorrow. The PSE index ended in the positive territory this morning but by 4.86 points only though with a value turnover of Php 6.02 billion!
       After selling my MER last week, no more selling was done again in my portfolio due to the fact that all of my stocks are in the red zone. I sold MER when it was 238, now it has reached 292!! Walang sisihan, sabi nga ni bro John316. hahaha! For the past several days, my free cash were used to lower down the AEP of  some of my stocks.
       My ALI (Ayala Land Inc.) was previously at around 17.9 now it is 16.6 already. My FLI which was 1.36 before now it is 1.34 and my VLL which was at 3.2 level now 3.1. 
       With more good news especially about the Europe worries easing, I'm hoping that it will help make the Philippine stock market continue its bull run to make more stock investors like me happy. Hahaha! 
       I'm planning to buy my baby an aquarium with colorful fishes for her to take care of and in case I could sell my VLL stocks maybe the profit would be enough for that. It has been my dream since I was a kid to have an aquarium and what a coincidence because my wifey was also dreaming of having 1 for so long!
       Now that I don't have a plan of doing daytrading for my stocks and with no more cash for more buying, I will just be waiting for my target prices to be reach. It would be nice also because I don't need to wake up at around 4:30 am just to  see the movement of my stocks. 
       I have just finished reading the new blog entry of Mr. Gus Cosio entitled " Money on the Table" and  there he mentioned NIKL as sure bet and have some good words also for ORE. MPI and DMC were very good long-term holdings due to the growth of capacities that they handle in power and utilities according to Mr. Cosio also. Gee, I don't have any of those mentioned at the moment. Hayyyy... hindi kami parehas ng iniisip ni master Gus Cosio...
Pahabol : We are happy in the KFAM Stock Investing Thread aka LIP Thread that more and more people are starting to get interested in investing in stocks. May bago na namang kasama sa ating thread...

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