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Friday, January 28, 2011


       As sis krissy says, "God's morning everyone"! 
       What a rainy week! I have seen some photos posted by my friends in my previous company in Jeddah last night and I was surprised to see how high was the flood in the camp where I used to stay. 
Jeddah Flood
Jeddah Flood
       Here in my place, I was awaken early morning by the sound of the rain dropping on the roof of my accommodation then saw some water in the floor that seep through the portacabin window. Just the other day, one socket in my room sparked and it started to burn the wires/wooden wall. Good thing I did not report to work that morning so I saw what happened and I immediately extinguish the fire. Nice room!
       Going back to stocks, I was able to sell some of my FOOD at a gain of around 18%. My AEP for this stock was 1.51 and I sold it at 1.80. I believe it could still reach 1.90- 2.0 but I already sold half of my holdings to protect my profit. 
       What is FOOD by the way? FOOD is the ticker symbol of Alliance Select Foods International Incorporation Formerly known as Alliance Tuna International, Inc. They are into tuna processing, canning and exporting of canned tuna products with factories in General Santos City, Philippines and Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
       FOOD invested in Prime Foods New Zealand (PFNZ), a New Zealand based processor of smoked salmon, as a part of its product diversification strategy. They also have a 40% stake in FDCP, Inc., a can-making company.

As of 28/01/2011
Current P/E Ratio  = 12.52522538
52 Week High       = 2.06
52 Week Low       = 1.35
Last Sale               = 1.79
Yesterday's Close  = 1.71
Today's High         = 1.84
       Will it reach 2.0 next week?

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