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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


       You might have noticed that 1 more stock was missing in my portfolio starting yesterday. This was because I released my MER after having a profit of around 20%. Not bad... I hold it for only around 1 month. No, we could not earn that in the bank from the same savings at the same span of time. The profit will then be again invested to other stocks like the previous ones. 
       Tiba-tiba as one of my friend in the KFAM forum says, but actually it could be tiba-tiba if my investment was huge but I am just starting and my funds allocated in stocks is small. It is because I can only manage to use the free cash from my salary after deducting everything from my family's everyday expenses to SSS, house completion etc.
       MER still rose higher today compared to yesterday when I sold it but I don't need to feel sorry because I was able to lock in my profits. I was just following one of the reminders in KFAM which is "moderate your greed" and also my TP (target price) for that stock was already reached.
       Looking at my portfolio now which is painted red, I am thinking of  some ways to be able to make it green.  I could wait for another market correction and average down or either cut loss. Maybe the first choice suits me better since all of them are good companies and the loss which I am having right now is only considered as paper loss. Just let those expert on cut loss do it in their portfolio. 
       I have some good prospects for my 2011 stocks and some would be MBT, SM, JFC, EDC and other blue chip stocks. These were usually being suggested by Mr. Gus Cosio in his blog and also by my friends in KFAM. I have read in a certain news that the bull run for the PSE will continue for 2 more years so it will be nice to invest in the so called blue chip stocks. I would buy either SM or JFC for my wife whom I was able to convince for her to invest some of her money in stocks.
       We are happy in the LIP thread in KFAM forum when somebody there asks about how to start in stocks because our objective of encouraging more people to invest is getting good results. Just for the past month we had new members in the thread which in every way,all our super "S" are helping for them to start in stocks. How I wish that my humble blog-blogan can also encourage more people to invest in the stock market. We are hoping that there would be more bro wonggos and sis chellos this year.
       So there goes my first transaction for this year, how was yours?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

Any advice on how much should I be putting up for my investment. I am actually thinking of buying shares in SMDC, SM, FLI, JFC and EDC.

I am thinking of going for Industry and Property.

I am not sure though which of them would be great. Whatcha think?


RmR said...

Hello Ray! nice decision for you to invest in stocks. It is a great opportunity for you to buy those you have mentioned. Buy the blue chip stocks. Avoid speculative stocks specially you are still new in the stock market. I haven't tried SM and SMDC but those were good also although not good in cash dividends as per my friend in KFAM.

Anonymous said...

hi bro eto na nakacomment nako hehe at last. i bought ALI na po as my first stock. anu-ano po ba ung mga blue chips na generous sa cash dividends?

sis chello

RmR said...

hello sis chello! congrats on your first stock! ALI pa, nice... usually ung mga nasa PSE index, generous sila sa cash dividends. check our MER, PX, AC at ung iba pang nabanggit ni bro john sa LIP thread. you can check their dividends history sa online broker account mo. usually andun sya sa fundamentals tab. makikita mo dun kung gaano kadalas sila magbigay every year.

Anonymous said...

Sir RMR, I added you in my blogmates page sa "Pnoy Investor". Hope you could add me in your blogroll. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Hey RmR,

Thanks so much! Good info, I will do more research since the market is fluctuating right now if prices go down will invest immediately.

Must watch the market now :)

Thanks so much! Hope to see more posts from you



Anonymous said...

pwede ba custodial account sa online broker?

RmR said...

pwede po yan sa tingin ko. un po ba ung account na nasa name halimbawa ng anak nyo na below 21 pero kayo mag-trade?
right now, ung FMS account na gamit ko is sa wife ko po...
good luck

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