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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


       It's been quite some time that the market is consolidating (that is as per my observation). Quoting a post by Sir Gus Cosio from his blog "Gus Cosio says so", "The reason that market has been tanking is obviously because global portfolio managers have been re-balancing portfolios in favor of the large cap high-profile stocks in the developed markets."
       Furthermore, the market consolidation will still continue according to the news as stated by some "experts". What does that mean? My portfolio will continue to be in the red zone and my paper losses will become bigger probably unless the stocks that I have will counter where the index is heading.
       Just last Friday, all my stocks were red except FOOD although it went down again yesterday. Comparing it to the rest of my stocks, FOOD did not went down that much as of this writing.
       Browsing through some forums and blogs, you might have read that some were cutting losses to avoid having further losses. I haven't tried to cut loss because after 7 months in the stock market, I still  can't figure out why and how to do it. Honestly!
       Some were already getting nervous and don't know what to do at this point in time. Most were worried that they are having big paper losses because of the market consolidation when you read some comments in Sir Cosio's blog.
       Just this morning, something changed... The market was green! Checking out my portfolio, my stocks' prices went up compared to yesterday. Is this the start of the continuation of Philippine stock market's bullish trend?... If so, then the time for me taking profits is near. Hahaha! I love it!
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Anonymous said...

my two cents worth...start cutting your losses now. if you don't know how then start learning how to. set a stop loss like say 5% or 10%. if your stock reaches -%5 then it's time to let it go. don't hold on to a stock for a very long time. you might miss the opportunity on other stocks. you easily let go of MER but look at it now. people reading your blog won't be encouraged to invest if what they see is a very red portfolio. based on your portfolio, you are heavily weighted on the properties sector. try diversifying in order to offset your losses. i'm also an ofw like you and i know it's very hard to earn money. that's why we find ways to let our money grow. hope you take this criticism constructively. good luck.

RmR said...

thanks anonymous! i am still learning. cutting losses is easy but looking for a faster horse after cutting losses is not easy (just for me).
also, i'm not an active trader as of the moment. i don't have all the time to watch the movement of stocks.
pag nakita ng baguhan kasi na laging green ang portfolio ko at na-convince sila na mag-stocks. and then suddenly puro red stocks nila... sa portfolio ko, i'm showing them the reality. the risks... kung ano pwede nilang ma-encounter pag bago sila.
that's why i'm happy na may mga suggestions/ comments kayo rito na mga datihan na sa stocks. thanks a lot for sharing sir!
i hope next time po hindi na anonymous handle nyo sa comment...

Anonymous said...

I believe your stocks were chosen intelligently, ALI is one of the most promising in the property sector, likewise VLL with a very strong performance in the midrise building, SMPH is aggressive in expansion.

However, the portfolio shows an imbalance due to your concentration in one sector. Recommend to get MBT, BDO, CHIB. DGTL, TEL may also be another good pick, if you have free fund you may average down your FLI by getting it now.

MPI, AGI may also be a good buys, DMC and AC could be considered farily. Goodluck

john316 said...


diversified ang pfolio ko pero majority on the RED, it's normal kasi stock market ito, hindi naman pwedeng bili ka ngayon bukas mag lock ka na ng profit.

i developed the attitude of an investor not a day trader or punters. i remeber getting 40,000 shares of AP in 2009 @ 3.10 and sold the same @ 3.40, now AP @ 27.

i set aside day profit for few issues but i set my target price for my prospect like EDC @ 7.80, BPI @ 77, MBT @ 90, ALI @ 22 (pero di ako masyadong hiyang sa (ALI) lagi ako naiipit), VLL set @ 4.80-5.10. MPI also set @ 5.00, when these stocks attained the target? I do not know but the fundamentals are strong tha's why I am not worried.

RmR said...

thanks for your comment anonymous! you're very right, I could have allocated some of my funds in other sector. when i have extra funds by next salary I'll probably buy MBT and JFC.
To follow would be either MPI again and also DMC.

RmR said...

thanks john316 for sharing. very much appreciated. I hope my readers would be encouraged to be more of an investor...
so nice to see more are sharing here in my blog-blogan.
sana dumami pa po mag-comment at mag-share...
God Bless everyone!

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