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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Stock Market and ME

       Today was my day off but I still woke up early to see how my stocks were performing. Some were in red and some were in green so I sold my shares of DGTL (Digitel), it was not moving for a long time... But to my surprise, it suddenly went up after I sold my shares! hahaha! Stock market is really unpredictable (that's just for me as of now). Anyway, I still earned some profit on that stock. Spaghetti meal in Jollibee for my baby! Before I forgot let me tell you first, my friends, how I started in stock investing/stock trading.
       I love to surf the web, checking out how to invest my hard earned money. In the net you can find almost all if not all answers to your questions. Some of my favorite sites are Wikipedia and eHow because you can learn so many things from those two sites. I'll post my all of favorite sites in this blog after some time for you to check out also. Back to my topic, stock market... I would sometimes check forums, business news and web sites of banks back then and I always encounter the words funds, savings, bonds, T-bills and of course STOCKS! When I researched more about them, I knew this is where I want to invest some of my extra cash. Why not?! Your money is earning and working for you even if you're sleeping. Although it will take you more time to understand them especially if you are not familiar with those terms like me. I preferred stocks from the other investments that were mentioned. But at that time I was not aware that there were already online brokers for those who want to be a shareholder of a company. While working in Bahrain 2 years ago, I caught my co-employee sneaking in the internet connection (we were not allowed to have internet connection there) while he was checking his stocks online. There he explained to me how he was doing the buying and selling thru internet. Wow! it was very easy for him doing the trading so maybe I could do it also. I tried to make a research about online trading again if I have time. It was cut short when I quit my job after 10 months only, so many reasons. But after several months I was able to work abroad again, and on this year while surfing the net about stock investing I stumbled upon KFAM forum. Luckily, the thread about stock investing was just started by my friend, bro john316 (that's his handle in the forum). He was very nice to me and answered all of my queries. From there, I tried to search for more about stock investing and trading. I played the stock trading game in the PSE website while following the stock investing thread by my friend. And on June of this year, I opened an account in Firstmetrosec (my online broker) and bought my first stocks (BPI, PX, FLI and PNX). All were sold already at a profit except PX which I'm still holding until now. Not bad for a newbie...

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JustHangOn said...

hey, bro romer! thanks for including my blog here. :) you're my idol! the one who started small and now's aiming big. keep it up, bro! thanks. see you at the kfam forum.

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