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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Investor in ME

       Hello friends! I'm sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday. I was so busy the whole day doing paper works and supervising the workshop. It's really very difficult to deal with other people of different nationalities( I have Indian, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi mechanics) and communicate with them. Some can't comprehend even if I talk to them with Barok English...before no speak no understand, now speak now understand. hehehe... After working for several years abroad, it's already normal for me to say those kind of sentences. Anyway, that's another topic.
       We have a small sari-sari store adjacent to our house being managed by my mother since I was a kid. Until now it is still there although it has changed locations several times and underwent renovations. There were times I am the one asked to look after the store if my mother is busy. The feeling was great when I sold something as I was like a businessman who just made a great deal. So it pushed me to think on how to earn my own money at a very young age. I have tried gathering grasses and sell them to the people who have horses. They were the kutsiros driving kalesas (a horse-driven mode of transportation) before the entry of tricycles. Then I also sell ice candy in a tupada or small time cock fighting. With the chance of earning money, I didn't care if I have to walk a kilometer or 2 under the very hot sun. At the end of the day, I have several coins in my pocket and an ice candy as a bonus! haha! I can never forget also the time when I tried selling batteries in the cemetery during the All Saint's Day/ All Soul's Day. Instead of spending money going home to my province that time, I chose to be a "businessman" for several days. I forgot how much I've earned but the experience of doing that is more important to me... 
       After graduating in college and had my license, I started working and earning already. The idea of saving some money and allocate them for investment was there but I'm not sure where should I invest. My meager savings makes it more difficult for me to decide and having a business is not that simple. So I just kept on working and then tried to apply for work abroad. It was on 2003 when I was able to work in the Middle East and started to have bigger savings. Together with my father, we invested some of my cash by buying several goats and the pair of cow which I already discussed in my previous post. The outcome was stated there also. Then I have tried to have a small eatery in the city which only live for a short time. The deal with the previous owner of that eatery was not good so I have to close it down.
       Being a man who loves to read and surf the net, I was able to research about stock market and how those traders and investors make money from it. Stock market is the "secret" of the rich was what I've read from the web also. So I became more curious....
- Romer the Investor

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Louis said...

Wow unang una talaga ung blog ko...salamat Kuya Romer!!

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