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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ME in me

        I grew up idolizing my father who is a seafarer, him working for several months at sea then taking vacation bringing home some chocolates (which i like so much when i was a kid), toys, shoes and new shirts. Dreaming that I will be a seafarer someday, I always ask my father how's life at sea? Is it nice? Is it fun? Life at sea is difficult he answers and being far from your family most of your life adds to the hardship. But what I know is that most seafarers nowadays are having big salaries! I have high school friends who are now seafarers with big houses and cars!
        Anyway, even with those comments of my father about being a seaman/seafarer I still wanted to be one like him. I wanted to be the captain of my ship.... During my senior year in high school, I checked out one of the best seafaring schools in Fort Bonifacio regarding their requirements for freshmen but.... I was ineligible! whaaaattt?! I was underage, 2 months underage. hahaha!
        I want that school only... I wanted to be a seaman in that school only but my age was the hindrance. Oh well, It's okay engineering courses were good at that time also so I decided to be a Mechanical Engineer. I forgot about my dream of becoming a seafarer as time passed by. I enjoyed being an ME student and after 5 long years I graduated and passed the licensure examination on the same year. I was able to work for several companies some of which are in the Philippines and some in the Middle East. I have worked for a plastic company, fabrication/machine shop companies, an international construction group and heavy equipments rental company all of which have allowed me to grow as a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineering is very broad so right now I want to attend another course again but i need to save first for that schooling. We'll see. Maybe the STOCK MARKET will give me that extra money!
- Romer the ME


Louis said...

Ayos banat mo bro :) Rock on!!!

RmR said...

primer pa lang yan. wala pa tayo sa totoong coating! ;)

Frances said...

Working for heavy equipment rental companies must have been a wonderful learning experience!

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