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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Farmer in ME

       I was born in a town where farming is the main source of living aside from fishing because we live also near the sea (actually we are very near the world famous the Hundred Islands!). In our place, we can only plant rice once a year because we have no irrigation thus after harvesting palay people tends to look for alternative jobs like fishing, planting vegetables, carpentry etc...
       Together with my siblings, I was born not rich so I was able to experience the life of a farmer; planting rice whether it is raining or the sun is shining brightly, harvesting palay under the sun, taking carabaos and goats to the pasture, feeding pigs and chickens and so much more!
       I am now an engineer but I am proud to say I know how to plant and harvest rice although I'm a little slow. I still do them when I'm in the farm. Planting rice for me is FUN unlike what was on the song that goes like this " Planting rice is never fun, can not sit and can not stand....". I do sit while planting rice seedlings. In the mud of course! It feels cool when the mud goes inside what you're wearing. hahaha! Sometimes I remember those days when I used to go to the field with my grandfather (he died a few years back) with me riding on the back of his carabao. Those memories where I used to plant rice wearing nothing (thinking that the harvest would be great if i do it) also makes me smile until now. Those were the days....
       A few years back, with the suggestion of my father, we bought several goats and a pair of cow for him to take care. I thought it would be a nice investment for my hard earned money. I also bought worms for my vermi-composting project. It was so nice at first until some problems arose in our goat raising. When our goats started to multiply, grasses became scarce and some die especially during the rainy season. Then the cows became so large that my aging father is having a hard time pulling them. On my worms, we were starting to harvest several sacks of organic fertilizer when the chickens of my grandmother also started to find out about my worms. They love it! Grrrr!!!
       I decided to sell some of my goats and I already advised my father to sell them anytime because he is already having a hard time taking care of them. My cows, I asked my relative to take care of them and we will just share the profit if ever I want to sell them. Most probably all the worms were already eaten by my grandmother's chickens!
       Near our new house, I have planted several papaya and banana last year and now they already have fruits. Just today, my wife and my baby had papaya for merienda! I'm planning to plant more trees in the farm and make a vegetable garden near the house. How nice it would be to cook newly harvested vegetables for lunch or dinner! Lastly, I'm planning to raise chickens and have a piggery in the farm as an investment.
       I wonder, what would be my schedule for the day if all these plans worked out?... Hmmmm... I think on weekdays, 9 am to 12 noon would be reserved for stock trading/investing! hahaha!
- Romer the Farmer


Louis said...

Hahahaha bro Romer yup the days are the days. I came form Binmaley by the way just two or three town form your town Alaminos.

The days for me was cleaning the "atutung" or the system where chickens drink their water, cleaning and cleaning the pigs in or backyard, and helping during bangus harvest time. But now we dont have them due to the only person in our hous enow is my mom, little brother and older bro. Our fishpond are now lease since no one can take care of them already and that the weather back there is not suitable for bangus already..sometimes its too hot that the water becomes too salty or the rainy season keeps flooding the rivers and fishpond thus loosing a lot of fish..and every body is able to buy bangus at 5 pesos per kilo :)

Well good luck bro on your next step :)

RmR said...

thanks a lot bro! those were the good old days talaga...
thanks for the comment!

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