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Monday, February 7, 2011


       I'm having a headache.... No, it's not because of my portfolio being red. It's so cold here in my location even during the daytime. The chilly wind makes me sick, making my hands numb when they get wet.
       After several days of having rain and a little flooding in our camp (thanks God, we did not experienced the same flooding like the flood in Jeddah) , my dirty clothes was piled up and I need to wash them by hand. Our only washing machine in the camp probably got tired of washing laundry for more than 40 people and it quit! Ha ha ha!
       After a month since the stock market opened this year, I was able to sell only my MER and FOOD and it seems there is no stocks in my portfolio which is ripe for selling. My blue chips are all having paper losses at the moment with VLL having the biggest paper loss followed by FLI and ALI.
       No matter what, I will not cut loss on these 3 stocks together with SMPH and MBT and I'll just wait for them to go up. Checking the buyers/sellers on the stocks that I hold, I could see whether foreigns are buying or selling them. It seems that these actions greatly affect the price of stocks also by the so called "jockeys".
       I'll be allotting small part of my cash for speculative stocks soon and try to do day trading. By buying stocks and selling them after a short period of time (same day or same week), the risk will be greater than buying blue chips. Although as what they say, "high risk, high reward", I should be better prepared for the high risk that's why only small part of my cash will be used for it. Wish me luck!
       Same with the so cold nights for the past days, the PSEI has been so cold to me also. The consolidation keeps going and going and going.... like that hyper bunny in a tv commercial. Checking out the chart below, the consolidation started November of last year and it might still continue. 
        From the news, the PSEI support is still at 3800 and the 4,000 as the psychological resistance level . Looks to me that I'll be watching at the sidelines for the mean time and hoping that the bullish trend of the market continues soon. Don't disturb the "bear", he is hybernating....Ha ha ha!
"He who has a bountiful eye will be blessed..." < romer is ayeckanic, ayeckanic is romer > Ayeckanic™


KennyV said...

Hi sir RMR, indeed pulang pula tau ngaun hehe! Just like you I'm still holding in to my positions :) By the way please change my blog in your blogroll, I bought my own domain na po. It's na :) Thanks sir!

RmR said...

but i doubt if we have the same paper loss at the moment. sure ako hindi kasing laki ng paper losses mo ang paper losses ko bro.
Ok, i'll change your blog's name. ganda ng kita mo stocks cguro last year at nakabili ka na domain for your blog ah. just kidding bro.

have a nice weekend!

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